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Roadcrosser (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

ugurcani (2 years ago)

Great trader +1 rep

Rocker19943 (2 years ago)

Great Trader

h3l1m4n (2 years ago)

Great trader, fast and smooth +rep

goformickey (2 years ago)

Lovely trader, very efficient. +rep

SunFlower (2 years ago)

+rep! recomend!

killersquall338 (2 years ago)

Fast and nice trader +rep

pingzero (2 years ago)

+rep, great trader, thanks!

5ynoNym (2 years ago)

nice trader, i went first and he didn't run of :) +1

KungYii1994 (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

Jaaaaaaaaaay (2 years ago)

friendly trader +rep

jacoPL (2 years ago)

Patient and friendly traded, +rep :)

Scarfac3d (2 years ago)

Great trader, fair and patient! +rep

nudenoggin (1 year ago)

Great trader, fast and easy +rep

under0athx (1 year ago)

Great trader, Fair and patient +rep

zerfs (1 year ago)

great trader,not be scammed +1

Tibre (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

Smalceson (1 year ago)

Nice trader and fast! not be scammed!! +1

Nabuhris (1 year ago)

Trusted trader, definetly recommended.

Tkoing (1 year ago)

very nice trader

albertoluy (1 year ago)

Fast trader, +rep :)

santemanuele (1 year ago)

+rep good trader

sefirosu702 (1 year ago)

this guy made my day