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AngelThanatos (1 year ago)

Nice trader, fast and trustworthy :)

Lostprophetpunk (1 year ago)

Friendly attitude, very nice trader and leaves you with a smile.

Stry8993 (1 year ago)

Great Trader. Fast, Knowledgeable and very fair and consistent. Real World Money Trade via Paypal and Steam Wallet, as well as Keys and Metal. Very reputable.

cRookie (1 year ago)

Great trade, proper user, definitely recommended!

Septimusx (1 year ago)

Nice, fast trader!

sausage1 (1 year ago)

easy trade :)

mrdumbass (1 year ago)

good fast trader! +rep!

PuN1sH3RZA (10 months ago)

Best Trader, really friendly - 100 % trusted

Martial (4 months ago)

Awesome and friendly trader!

Miori (4 months ago)

Fast trader =)

Lee999 (4 months ago)

Fast and friendly trader.

KURAJBERfoLIFE (4 months ago)

AWESOME trader! +rep

soad125 (4 months ago)

Polite and patient trader !! + rep

Tytalus (4 months ago)

Quick and easy trade, +rep!

fortressking (4 months ago)

Cool Cat. +Rep

NibazZ (4 months ago)

Excellent trader! +++REP!

PsyKo (2 months ago)


likwitsnake (4 weeks ago)

Smooth trader. +rep!

impelus (4 weeks ago)

+REP. Thanks for the trade.

PowerFulBR (4 weeks ago)

Great trader! +rep

GomBas (3 weeks ago)


Maslo (3 weeks ago)

Great trader! Fast and nice! +++rep

BlueRaja (3 weeks ago)

+rep thanks for the trade!

Rhidongo (2 weeks ago)

10/10 most ballin' trader I have had the pleasure of trading with.

FirstDagger (1 week ago)

+rep, very honest, patient and understanding trader. Recommended.

Ross231 (1 week ago)

+rep nice and polite trader, 10/10 would trade again.

d0t (5 days ago)

+rep & perfection. 11/10 would trade again multiple times.

dafuqbro (5 days ago)

+rep perfect trader to deal with.