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lordinf (2 years ago)

Good and fair trader, +rep

Stevensi1018 (2 years ago)

great trader, +rep :D

Xongh2 (2 years ago)

Good trader ++rep

zzzloy (2 years ago)

nice trader :) +rep

c00lizz (2 years ago)

Nice trader +rep

nobito1988 (2 years ago)


abcxyz91 (2 years ago)

nice trader +rep

killersquall338 (2 years ago)

Friendly awesome trader +rep!

Nowaczek92 (2 years ago)

Great Trader. :)

InnyFjur (2 years ago)

Sent him key first, then he sent PayPal funds without problems +REP

tardtard (1 year ago)

Awesome trader, He went first with paypal.
Good Traders are worth the wait. (: +rep

PiecesOfMieces (1 year ago)

Great and fast trade with PayPal. +Rep

Kamba (1 year ago)

Good trader rep+++ would trade with him more often ^^

Ross89 (1 year ago)

Great trader, really fast and professional

Luckpwnzu (1 year ago)

Good trader, friendly & trustable. +rep

Gawaine (1 year ago)

Good quick trade, +rep! I went first w/ trade and he followed with PP.

xEssaHaiLx (1 year ago)

best man rep+ thanks man

mac2face (1 year ago)

nice trader, i sent first with paypal:) rep++

JoseClimaco (1 year ago)

Very nice trader!

Blurred (1 year ago)

+rep. Good trader

mewhisper (1 year ago)

+rep, great trader

Hirogoshi (7 months ago)

Good trade! +Rep

HocoK (7 months ago)


Fogface (7 months ago)

+rep Fast trader :)

Norbi (6 months ago)

+rep Nice and fast trader!

Egor008 (5 months ago)

+rep good trader!)

lookbehind (5 months ago)

+rep Good trader

Elvis (5 months ago)

+rep excellent trader !

Spac3Cat (5 months ago)

+rep good trader

Andyish (4 months ago)

Great trader +rep

2fron (4 months ago)

Great trader! +rep

Citramonum (4 months ago)

+rep, good trader.

Vir (4 months ago)

+rep nice guy :)

leauparkenzo (2 months ago)

+rep awesome trader and good man:)

flypp (1 month ago)

++Rep. Fast and very kind. Totally recommended

gl00my (1 month ago)

+rep fastest trader

davidgar (1 month ago)

Nice and fast trader, +rep!

Luter (1 month ago)

Nice trader! Fast trade +rep

calhoun255 (1 month ago)

+rep thanks for the trade!

soldat (1 month ago)

Nice and friendly trader