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Sina91 (1 year ago)

polite, quick, nice trader! ++rep!

vomitorio (1 year ago)

Kinda trader, would trade again, rep!

kokill (1 year ago)

fast trader + rep

LordSpycrab (1 year ago)

+rep, a really nice gentleman. I went first and the trade went really smoothly.

eisbrecher76 (1 year ago)

great and fast trader +rep

Avatarz (1 year ago)

+rep really honest and reliable trader highly recommended

Aliaksei (1 year ago)
  • rep. Good and fast trader
HassanUtd (1 year ago)

++ rep fast trader

spirallingspiral (1 year ago)

+++Rep Great trader. Trustworthy

oprockon (1 year ago)

+++++rep good trader

Dozenbeer (1 year ago)

nice quick trade, thanks again

edenedri007 (1 year ago)

+Rep, very trustworthy trader, sold me BF3 key code he went first.

heiser (1 year ago)

great trade! ++

Fussboll (1 year ago)
  • rep. fast and fair trader. went key 1st
kebhow (1 year ago)

great trader. honest and quick. +rep

KappaWolf (1 year ago)

++++++++++++++++++REP good trade

Atuja (1 year ago)

+rep. Friendly trader

boocheese (1 year ago)

+rep thanks for delivering

ssdd (1 year ago)

+rep very good trader :)

zerberus (1 year ago)

+rep ! very trustable trader

MonochromeFire (1 year ago)

VERY good trader, I was happy with the way he treated me AAA+ Trader! Not to mention, he is really trustworthy!

Jtbrig7390 (1 year ago)

+Rep trsutable trader

Lukeeee (1 year ago)

Great Trader +Rep :)

Quartzu (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep

3DNATOR (1 year ago)

+Rep Nice And Very Fast Trader :)

Jason369 (1 year ago)

+rep trustworthy and fast :)

NO9999 (1 year ago)

Excellent trade !!

unuser (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

Bonsta13 (1 year ago)

+rep nice trader

ArmorKing63 (1 year ago)

+rep He go first

germun (1 year ago)

+rep Fast, trustworthy and nice trader ^_^

YuiFunami (1 year ago)

+rep I went first with keys, very trustworthy and polite trader

Stripper78 (1 year ago)
  • rep :3 Glad you didn't ran away <3
Dachman (1 year ago)

Fast and easy trade. Recommended. AAA+

streetpunkpl (1 year ago)

+rep really honest and reliable trader highly recommended

PsyJack (1 year ago)


Atikun (1 year ago)

Nice, fast and very kind trader. +REP!

Liber4tor (1 year ago)

Quick and easy trade . He went first I followed right after +rep

mordred93 (1 year ago)

Nice and honest trader, went first smoothly +rep

likwitsnake (1 year ago)

Smooth trader. +Rep