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Dunther (1 year ago)

Good trader! +rep

Dedrahel (1 year ago)

Great trader and awesome person. +rep

FakeNameOF (1 year ago)

A good trader. We promised each other a game and delivered. +rep!

Memoria (1 year ago)

Got a great deal +rep THANKS

twinkilla (1 year ago)

clean and easy trade, very friendly, +rep!

SpartanDude107 (1 year ago)

Nice friendly trader Thanks ;D +rep

ritz2theRUBBLE (1 year ago)

Great trader, put a lot of work into finding a game for me! +rep

Moxy9 (1 year ago)

Very nice, polite and trustworthy +rep

Winseb (1 year ago)

Trustworthy and polite trader. +rep

speedxy69 (1 year ago)

very good and friendly trader!!you can trust him!!++rep

iChaos (1 year ago)

+rep thanks alot for the trade! Nice trader!

DeAli3N (1 year ago)

very fast,good trader +rep!

Impulse94 (1 year ago)

Good trade! +rep

FimiFlippin (1 year ago)

+rep good trader!

pampuch721 (1 year ago)

Really good and fast trader, also very kind person:)

maross80 (1 year ago)

Fast and easy trade!! Thanks!

MaxT (1 year ago)

Fast and positive trader! Grade A!

nightside187 (1 year ago)

Nice trader took a break at is job too sell me a game +rep

DilonGein (1 year ago)

very nice guy great trades

turtleban (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

gamerxir (1 year ago)

good trader +

freemind6666 (1 year ago)

thx)) for an awesome trade +rep

PolarBear (1 year ago)

nice and fast trader!! +rep

Holdini65 (1 year ago)

Good trader, very efficient. +rep

Kouryu (1 year ago)

Nice, fast and honest trader :) +Rep

Apek424 (1 year ago)

Good trader, + rep.

ronkzero (1 year ago)

Great and fast trader! +REP

jeroen (1 year ago)

Great trader and hes russian! +rep

EmoBoyZagreb (1 year ago)

Great and fast trader! +REP

Sumra (1 year ago)

fast and easy :) +rep

Dr0wki (1 year ago)

Great , thanks for trade +rep

labor132 (1 year ago)

good trade +rep

Tibre (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

xatrixx2 (1 year ago)

Doesn't understand my strange sense of humor, but he is a very good trader :) + rep

Vand (1 year ago)

Great trader, paid with PP, very trustworthy and thorough! :) + REP!

catadrk (1 year ago)

Great trader with great prices +rep

Sinival (1 year ago)

Great trader, very trustworthy + REP!

tardtard (1 year ago)

Awesome Trader, Fast and easy trade. +rep

TacTicsOgre22 (1 year ago)

+rep. good price+trust seller

INHUA (1 year ago)

Good trader! +rep