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MorphineBear (1 year ago)

Beautiful moderating skills! +5

Jamz (1 year ago)

Told me to read rules a bit carefully...(gave me a warning)instead of automatically reporting like some other jerk. My mistake i forgot some of the rules + rep for awesomeness though

ghixx (1 year ago)

sorry for lottery, i've not read i cant do it..

Crossbourne (1 year ago)

Did not remove reps when asked to do so. Makes me a sad panda.

ConnerR (1 year ago)

Replied immediately. Still nothing on the whole 'Remove -Rep' Situation, but still not a bad Admin.

luisffantoni (1 year ago)

Great admin! Thanks for the help!

xarabas (1 year ago)

Made me a small but cute birthday cake, +1 rep

dorimi (1 year ago)


SkypoQ (1 year ago)

Thx for help ;)

Harel (1 year ago)

Great admin!

whizard77 (11 months ago)

nice admin LOL do you have a boyfriend?

catchthebear (11 months ago)


Anahonda (10 months ago)

Thanks for help! ;)

KOCMOTPAX (10 months ago)

Thanx for help

boobies (9 months ago)

great trader, thanks :)

GrowlingMadScientist (7 months ago)

Thank you very much for the help in my support ticket.

KeinZantezuken (5 months ago)


DivineClaw (1 month ago)

+rep , awesome admin ;)

Zomby2D (2 weeks ago)

Excellent trader. Very friendly. +rep