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Nicotina (2 years ago)

great trader +rep

VietSpartan9791 (2 years ago)

great trader +rep

mammut (2 years ago)

great trader +rep

propast (2 years ago)

very nice trader, rep ++

Grawn (2 years ago)

nice trader + rep

ninjaloki (2 years ago)

nice trader! +rep

Fenderspieler (2 years ago)

nice trader! +rep

generalvodka (2 years ago)

good trader+rep

ninjazinedin (2 years ago)
  • rep, good trader.
Andyish (2 years ago)

Great trader

Heretic (2 years ago)

Quick, easy trade +rep

Epiclord (2 years ago)

good trader, bless

abdulazeez44 (2 years ago)

good trader!

cylvaks (2 years ago)

good trader + rep

Awesom3Pand4 (2 years ago)

Great trader +rep

Biegalson (2 years ago)


CiobyID (2 years ago)

good trader , thanks for the trade ++

FrozenBlade (2 years ago)

good trader +rep

Ennio (2 years ago)

Good trader! +rep!

MillBridge101 (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

matejmoo (2 years ago)

Great and fast trader!

Athev (2 years ago)

good trader +rep

fasard (2 years ago)


riderbr (2 years ago)

+rep good trader

1Gray (2 years ago)

sexy trader. +rep

Dino105 (1 year ago)

great fast trader, + rep

OccupyDemonoid (1 year ago)

Quick and easy trade. +rep

daWarLord (1 year ago)

Fast and Easy trade, good trader!

ashurun (1 year ago)

traded 2xdota2 keys for some games, thanks

CurtisPRO (1 year ago)

+rep, good trader.

bluelegoon (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep

sviat93 (1 year ago)

++rep good trader.

Kotnord (1 year ago)

Good trader, I went first.

Snejik (1 year ago)

great trader +++rep

boobies (1 year ago)

very good trader, thanks

HamxaRonY (1 year ago)

+rep good trader

Vlaki (1 year ago)

+rep fast and trust trader!

MagmaClaw (1 year ago)

+rep had little bit trouble with steam trade, eventually got it done, ty

baciu25 (1 year ago)

Good trader. +++

mosmos1996 (1 year ago)

good trader! +++