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sniperzik (2 years ago)

Great Trader! +rep

aggelari (2 years ago)

good trader +rep

Ludivia (2 years ago)

Good trader, went first with a gift (: +rep

dmn001 (1 year ago)

thanks for the trade, traded a steam key +rep

knrdz (1 year ago)

+rep, and thanks for the trade

wasakakero (1 year ago)

Fast trader

BoDunoff (1 year ago)

nice trader, went first with key, trustworthy one +rep

Mattee (1 year ago)

Nice picture. +Rep

AJR (1 year ago)

Good trader. +rep!

hockeykiller1 (1 year ago)

Key gift change he give key first + rep thx

chen14 (1 year ago)

Great trader + Rep

Egioh (1 year ago)

fast and fair trade, thanks!

metafox (1 year ago)

Great and fair trader +rep!

apollo3d (1 year ago)

+rep trade of keys

Tibcee (1 year ago)

Very fast and trustworthy trader. Recommended! + Rep

Rabbidking (1 year ago)

Patient and trustworthy. Rep+

Dracule (1 year ago)

Trustworthy. Fast, problem-free. ++REP

idrive (1 year ago)

nice person, fast and good trader! Highly recommended! rep+

Angelito (1 year ago)

Fast and good trader!! Enjoy the game!

Zangdar (1 year ago)

+rep honest trader

mine (1 year ago)

Nice and fast trader, +rep

Snakethesniper (1 year ago)

Good and fast trader, + rep!

ImmortalRites (1 year ago)

Very fast and trustworthy trader!

fenetic (1 year ago)

great trader +rep

newuser (1 year ago)

great trader, good trade, thanks!

Rube (1 year ago)

Great trader, trustworthy and reliable +rep

soullessj (1 year ago)

Good, Fast, Reliable Trader ++REP

PitIcarus (1 year ago)

great trader, nice and friendly +rep

GiygasVan (1 year ago)

+rep Awesome, fast trader

Cloonaid (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep

Owyne (1 year ago)

Fast, friendly and reliable trader, +rep!

arthurbishop (1 year ago)

fast ! and very good trader , i love you ! ahah thanks bro!

MinimAL (1 year ago)

Easy and fast trade +rep

moowinza789 (1 year ago)

Great Trader and friendly, +++REP

daryll2013 (1 year ago)
  • great fast and trustworthy trader
stav8 (1 year ago)
  • Rep good trader
chunchasku (1 year ago)

+rep, Great trader, awesome negotiatior :)

KRUCHOK (1 year ago)

Nice and fast trader +rep

Kuratius (1 year ago)

+rep gave me guidance when redeeming codes. Completely trustworthy trader, but slightly childish at times.

N1C0X7R3M3 (1 year ago)

great trader, thanks a lot :D