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VWR (1 year ago)

Positive guy, good trader, absolutely 100% safeproof. Recommended. +REP!

RyGuS (1 year ago)

+rep great trader, 100% trustworthy

Zomby2D (1 year ago)

Excellent trader. Trustworthy. ++rep

kpaxxx (1 year ago)

Nice and trsutable trader!

weasl (1 year ago)

Honest trader +rep

tazzmaniac (1 year ago)

Quick and friendly trader ++rep

antipativome (1 year ago)

nice and kind trader,went first with his gift,+rep :D

DeathSquared (1 year ago)

Great trader, + rep

DeAli3N (1 year ago)

fast and good trader +rep!

Discon (1 year ago)

nice trader

sandycuz (1 year ago)

honest and pleasurable to trade with! +rep

Darkweaver (1 year ago)

Polite and friendly trader, can highly recommend +rep

dymoblade (1 year ago)
  • rep. Fast, polite, and kind. I went first, and there were no problems.
orh17 (1 year ago)

really good and nice trader +++rep!

Troacctid (1 year ago)

Good trader. Even bought me the game I wanted to make the deal go quicker. I went first.

Eisenzange (1 year ago)

Great trader, +rep. :)

fade784 (1 year ago)

We traded through paypal, everything went fine. Trustworthy trader +rep!

hertonfabiano (1 year ago)

otimo comerciante,rapido e honesto

Alshadur (1 year ago)

+rep great trader, all went fine and smooth! nice person :)

Hastyle1 (1 year ago)

Known this person for years before trading with her. Safe to say she's genuine. +++rep

lamagra6 (1 year ago)

very good trader +rep

Smashia (1 year ago)

Very honest, patient trader, kept their word. +rep

abosaud09 (1 year ago)

great trader ... nice person :) +rep

jwacky (1 year ago)

Great, reliable trader. +rep!

whiteman222 (1 year ago)

great and fast trader +rep!

kyoryo (1 year ago)

Rep++++ Perfect Trader!

Yugo (1 year ago)

We traded games, I gave him keys he went first with the tradable copies, trustworthy person +rep

freedom8868 (1 year ago)

Quick and friendly trader ++rep

cartman61616 (1 year ago)

Great trader she went first and a very smooth and courteous trader +rep

Joyride (1 year ago)

Huge monster trade went perfectly, trustworthy trader +++ rep

Baschtard93 (1 year ago)

Very good trader. She even went first. +rep!

ChelseaGrinK (1 year ago)

traded my keys for a key and a gifted game rep ++++

shadowarrior (1 year ago)

Great trader :) + rep

routemaster (1 year ago)

Nice and friendly trader, +++ rep. :)

Richy (1 year ago)

good and friendly trader. +rep

bugsbony (1 year ago)

great trader +rep

Trampo290988 (1 year ago)

Great Trader + rep

DillonMabry (1 year ago)

Fast key exchange, good trader. +rep

Geartrooper (1 year ago)

Good trader, traded a key right after i did. ++rep!

TehJman (1 year ago)

Great trader, reliable! +rep