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Xrandom (2 years ago)

+rep good trader

Zomby2D (2 years ago)

Nice trader. I went first with key. +rep

FairWarning (2 years ago)

very fast and easy trade. rep+

SoreSpuggetie49 (2 years ago)

Nice guy rep +

xProvidence (2 years ago)

Awesome trader. Rep +

Juanblue85 (2 years ago)

Great Trader! Traded my NFS Shift for their NFS Hot Pursuit 2010. ++++rep.

Night (2 years ago)

great. trade was fast) respect

Shootehrr77 (2 years ago)

+rep Honest trader!

Prodegie (2 years ago)

Great trader! +rep

packypax (2 years ago)

+rep good trader

Barti12 (2 years ago)

Fast Trader + rep .. Thanks :-)

Shad0WeN (2 years ago)

good, fair trader +REP

AO (2 years ago)
  • Rep, Sold to him IG giftlink, he went first
Wanryu (2 years ago)

Fast trader, no problem with keys +rep

XiaoLong (2 years ago)

My 1st Trade => fast and trustworthy !

ustahector (1 year ago)

good and fast trader + BİG rep xD

LookAtMyNewDog (1 year ago)

Great, fast trader, +rep

PoppaJerry (1 year ago)

+rep, great trader :)

UZuhl (1 year ago)

+Rep. Good Trader. Faster. A+

mL (1 year ago)

Great, friendly, and fast trader =) +++rep

Upwards (1 year ago)

Thanks for the trade, mate. You're awesome. :D

YaoJensen (1 year ago)

Thx for Witcher 2 EE, +rep and aliens

TheDopefish (1 year ago)

Nice and fast trader. Traded me a game for TF2 keys. +Rep

Jtnova (1 year ago)

great trader ! fast and friendly ! +rep !

jojodump (1 year ago)

good trader+rep

Raynys (1 year ago)

Very very trusted user and friendly, thanks a lot! +++rep

Schizophriend (1 year ago)

+rep Excellent trader!

daWarLord (1 year ago)

+rep Fast and Easy trade, Nice trader!

sandycuz (1 year ago)

easy to trade with! +rep

M1LLeNN1uM (1 year ago)

pleasure to have a deal

Renegade86 (1 year ago)

Thanks for the great trade, +rep!

Grizzlywolf (1 year ago)

+++rep great and fair trader!

leesoohyun (1 year ago)

Fast trader, no problem with keys +rep

gotia2003 (1 year ago)

Fast and good trader. +rep

cheesyfishface (1 year ago)

I gave PP for tradable, great trustworthy trader +rep

pshycoblad3 (1 year ago)

+rep excellent trader

avatarENG (1 year ago)

A quick and fast trader. +Rep

Enclear (1 year ago)

Good trade, went first with pmt and i followed with bundle, +rep

Bryx (1 year ago)

+rep, fast trader

kolek55555 (1 year ago)

thx for the trade