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Noctaris (1 year ago)

Nice trader, rep+

LoveSlave (1 year ago)

great trader +rep

DragonMao (1 year ago)

Nice friendly trader, +rep! :)

AlphaLegion (1 year ago)

Great trader! ++rep Was very understanding when it took me a moment or two to find the key :) Thanks!

jmromanos (1 year ago)

Awesome and fast trader +rep

malakemporas (1 year ago)

great trader +rep

Jallermax (1 year ago)

Very nice trader! +rep

substrance (1 year ago)

great trader, fast and fair ++rep

MartioNE (1 year ago)

+rep Great and fast trade

tokkei (1 year ago)

+rep, he went first with his items for my game key, all fine

helwing (1 year ago)

thank you for trading with me, +rep

MaxJam (1 year ago)

Fast, reliable and honest trader- will trade with him again no hesitation. + rep

darkrai531 (1 year ago)

Nice trader i went first,he gave me game.

7FoX (1 year ago)

friendly and fast trader

bghjkl (1 year ago)

+rep, great trader! thanks

kalimist13 (1 year ago)

+rep really good trader :)

mhmed009 (1 year ago)

+rep great Trader

AkinoX (1 year ago)

Good & Fair Trader +rep

justowl (1 year ago)

nice and polite trader! +rep

HotPies (1 year ago)

Good Man! +rep