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matcarfer (2 years ago)

+rep great trader

BigSexyDH (2 years ago)

+REP, traded keys, cool person and great trader!

KillerPedrol (2 years ago)

Great trader and fast. +rep!

AkinoX (2 years ago)

Great Trader, Recommended 100% +rep

Jtnova (2 years ago)

Great trader ! he went first with his keys ! +rep

Kr0uK (2 years ago)

Good trader, traded keys +rep

Shakal (2 years ago)
  • Rep , good trader
SsqualL (2 years ago)

Really fast trader and really fair trade. So there is a really ++rep =D

wojtek858 (2 years ago)

Good trade without any problems, he sent key first, +rep

momia456 (2 years ago)

Fast and friendly trade +rep!

AmitM9S6 (2 years ago)

Great, fast trader! +REP

TradingKarma (2 years ago)

Scared me there mate +Rep

Oxol (2 years ago)

Kind trader who gave his game first. Worked perfectly.

Killdrax (2 years ago)

Great trader!

XAVO (2 years ago)

Nice trader, went first with his gift and trade done smoothly, +Rep

GIH4N (2 years ago)

good trader REP+

MarvelousMax (2 years ago)

Good and quick trade+rep

SimoKx (2 years ago)

+rep great trader!

Testdriver (2 years ago)

very good trader ! Done 2 deals with him

TuneTu (2 years ago)

Did a fast and good trade with him, +rep

RyGuS (2 years ago)

+rep great trader awesome :D

Veteranu21 (2 years ago)

Great and polite trader. + Rep

Tremmert (2 years ago)

+rep, he went first, was quick and smooth. Trustable.

Bart227 (2 years ago)

Fast and friendly, went first with key! +rep

KleanupGuy (2 years ago)

fast, friendly and good trader :)

thegaminglyfe (2 years ago)

Quick and fast trader!

imaaronbro (2 years ago)

Good Fast Trader very trustworthy +Rep

MajorasMoon78 (2 years ago)

Great Trader, +rep

killersquall338 (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep!

michael2210 (2 years ago)

+Rep. Great Trader

godfathercr (2 years ago)

good trader! went first +rep

dingolf (2 years ago)

really nice and fast trader +rep!

Comokanu (2 years ago)

Trusty trader, I went first with a guest pass and he traded straight after.

Dgzt (2 years ago)

Fast and good trader! +rep

jrap10 (2 years ago)

Good trader. +rep :)

S0uLKe3peR (2 years ago)

Good Trader went first +rep

poczta (2 years ago)

Fast and friendly trade +rep!

Arc (1 year ago)

Nice and easy trader +rep

FerrariBabz (1 year ago)

Friendly and trustworthy trader!! :) +rep

CUTHEREDJ (1 year ago)

+REP Friendly and Trustworthy Trader with no issues going first