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mouwen (2 years ago)

++Rep! Traded his Civ 4 cdkey with me and he honored his end of the transaction, all went smoothly also a friendly fellow!

grynn (2 years ago)

Great trader, went 1st and sent 2 games before me. +rep

kobesl (2 years ago)

great honest guy to +++rep

Tolkad (2 years ago)

Awesome trader, I went first with a key and a tradable and he followed through with his key +rep

yrneh12 (2 years ago)

Traded first. Trustworthy as hell. +rep

snoopster777 (2 years ago)

Great fair trader , very patient gave gifts fiirst highly recommened and trustworthy

Shootehrr77 (2 years ago)

+rep Great trader went with gifts first!

GolGalad (2 years ago)

Good, trustworthy trader. I went first with a key and he kept to his trade. :)

CallsignX (2 years ago)

Awesome trader! Definitely Trustable! +rep

sebarnolds (2 years ago)

Trustworthy trader. Went first with his key and everything was fine. +rep

SynDDDDD (2 years ago)

Great guy! trusted and reliable! +5rep!

killersquall338 (1 year ago)

Nice trader, he went 1st with keys +rep! :)

fenetic (1 year ago)

nice and honest trader! +rep

Vyn (1 year ago)

+rep - Very fast and honest trader. Everything went smooth!

handsometank (1 year ago)

nice trader! thx +rep!

Persephone (1 year ago)

Great trader! +rep

netrockx (1 year ago)

good trader willing to go first with key! +rep

nAPs (1 year ago)

Great trader

FireMilk (1 year ago)

Good Trader

s1N (1 year ago)

++ Rep.. Good Trader (=

erykpoland (1 year ago)

++rep, awesome trader

laaw (1 year ago)

Good and fast trader:D

matko (1 year ago)

good and reliable trader :)

VictorN89 (1 year ago)

Great trader ++rep

DeVeteranus (1 year ago)

Helped me get the Atomic Bundle... he went first with the bundle, even taught I didn't had any rep...then I gave him the keys... a very nice trader, patient, and helpful... I wish you the best of luck in the world... hope I'll trade with you again...

Wolfystein (1 year ago)

Trustworthy trader +rep

brandonmak (1 year ago)

+rep! good trader very fast, and he goes first

charismazo (1 year ago)

nice and friendly trader. rep++

leocardoso86 (1 year ago)

Good trader, everything went fine :)

FatGoldfish (1 year ago)

+rep good trader

daktyr (1 year ago)


brztekhauz (1 year ago)

Trustable Trader +rep

LAGGERhh (1 year ago)

+rep good trade fast

DarkTanner (1 year ago)

awesome trader, +rep

KRDR (1 year ago)

+rep fast and easy trade

KillingArts (1 year ago)

+REP awesome trader :)

DiscoverySu (1 year ago)

+rep good trader!

edchaos (1 year ago)

Perfect trader +rep

Nerney9 (1 year ago)

Trade went smooth as butter, silk, or a baby's bottom. Your choice. + Rep!

MyBestFriend (1 year ago)

+rep, fast and nice trader.