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clownface (2 years ago)

Easy, fast, and friendly trader.

iSoLateD1 (2 years ago)

good trader.

t20k (2 years ago)

Good trader, + rep!

NeoFauzt (2 years ago)

Great trader, went first with key. + rep.

handsometank (2 years ago)

from the Russian to the Russian))

Xepos (2 years ago)

Good trader Rep+, very friendly guy.

Perss00n (2 years ago)

Very good trader, 100% legit and a very nice guy! +REP!

Steeams (2 years ago)

Excellent trader! Legit and trusted. + rep

filthyphil88 (2 years ago)

Great trader, +++rep!

Driftfire200 (2 years ago)

Very good trader :)

barishnakov (2 years ago)

Good trader, would trade again! A++ Rep!

aCAssassin (2 years ago)

Great trader. +rep

Asskicker (2 years ago)

Good trader, he went first!

joanannrambo (2 years ago)

great n fasr response trader!

kvok2 (2 years ago)

Great trader +rep.

packypax (2 years ago)

+rep fair trader

gift4u (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

ROCKI (2 years ago)

nice guy and good trader +rep

Devirk (2 years ago)

very good trader +rep

mariganza (2 years ago)

great trader,thx

Insomnio (2 years ago)

Very good trader! I went first without any problem. Fast and reliable. REP++ A++

s1N (2 years ago)

+++ rep, great trader (=

GuiltyHollow (2 years ago)
  • rep! Great trader
Pinhead (1 year ago)

Trust him. Thanks for the smooth and fast Trade :D

elCaminaTor (1 year ago)

+rep fast trade

nopieleft (1 year ago)

+rep good trader

Silencer04 (1 year ago)

Thanks for the smooth trade. +++REP

Jane (1 year ago)

Very good trader, +rep

Raresito (1 year ago)

It was the first trade I did with this site and the Trade was great ;)

Kolbear (1 year ago)

Quick and smooth trade

Icenok (1 year ago)

Nice, fast trader +Rep

VideoFaner (1 year ago)

+rep fast and friendly trader

Detruire (1 year ago)

Thanks for the trade. :)

Shanti (1 year ago)

Great friendly trader +rep

Doyle (1 year ago)

Good and fast trader! +rep

chmerchor (1 year ago)

+rep AAA trader

Seunghyunssi (1 year ago)

Easy, fast, and friendly trader.

loewenherz (1 year ago)

fast, friendly and nice prices
all you need from a trader :P

DarkBoy16 (1 year ago)

Great trader! Recommend!

iHEO (1 year ago)

+rep smooth trader