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xirony (1 year ago)

I went first with a key and he sent me the game. A+ +rep. Thanks

Daryl (1 year ago)

+rep, fast and fair trader of keys.

pancaek (1 year ago)


MetalKramer (1 year ago)

Good Trader. +Rep

chicbeat (1 year ago)

+rep!! Thank you.

TermiN (1 year ago)

Good man, who do many gifts to people! +rep

GomBas (11 months ago)


SashOK1993ukr (11 months ago)

Good trader, thanks +++ rep!!!

Area32 (11 months ago)

+REP he went 1st with key

SandOfThym (11 months ago)

++rep, traded me a gift after I sent a key, trustworthy trader

Ryousuke (11 months ago)

Great trader, went first, no problem at all.

KillingArts (11 months ago)

+REP nice trader :)

j3rrie (8 months ago)

Friendly trader, ++Rep

natey2k4 (8 months ago)

I went first due to no rep on here and he sent me the key immediately after. A+++

edchaos (8 months ago)

Perfect Trader +rep

r9800pro (8 months ago)

Great trader and negotiator. +rep

kuba2108 (7 months ago)

+rep, trustworthy

Volf12345 (7 months ago)

+rep fast trader

Qurop (7 months ago)

great trader! ;)

Ftor (7 months ago)

+++ REPutation! AWESOME trader!!

Ajlittle1 (7 months ago)

Sold keys paypal, I went first. No scamming

Peddehkins (7 months ago)

+rep smooth, fast trader

Gamer74rus (7 months ago)

+rep good trader

trochoski (7 months ago)
  • rep good trader
b0uncyfr0 (7 months ago)

Excellent Trader +rep

TRMshadow (6 months ago)

+rep. Quick, courteous, an all around great trader!

jlg6184 (1 month ago)

Great trader!

SanderHyrax (1 month ago)

Patient and trustworthy trader! +rep

eisbrecher76 (1 month ago)

great and fast trader +rep

mblr1 (1 month ago)

+Rep Helped me, nice guy!

f1ake (1 month ago)

Excellent trader, fast and trustworthy:) Definitely +rep!

Spidersouris (1 month ago)

+rep fast and great trader

cRookie (1 month ago)

Great trade +rep

WsDax8 (1 month ago)

+rep great trader

MKING (1 month ago)

+rep world record for fastest trade right here

Brizbrenz (1 month ago)

+rep great trader

CubicOtter (1 month ago)

+rep Good trader, everything went well !

norby89 (1 month ago)

+rep Thanks for the trade!

repair (1 month ago)

Great trader, Fast and Reliable. +rep

suplies (1 month ago)

Great trader! +rep