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stas66 (1 year ago)

good trader +rep:

KalDaBoss (1 year ago)

Good Trader! +rep

weasl (1 year ago)

Honest and trustable trader +rep

Danaroth (1 year ago)

Nice guy; trade was fast. +rep

ahameed (1 year ago)

Traded key for gift, nice trader.

Kreasom (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep

MrAli (1 year ago)

Nice trader +rep

ninjazinedin (1 year ago)
  • rep, good new trader :)
raigeki (1 year ago)

Good trader +Rep!

shortcircuit152 (11 months ago)
  • Rep - Good Trader.
Th3Smurfinator (11 months ago)

Great trader + rep

neocow (11 months ago)

+rep amazing guy! Good trader :D

BabuSSA (10 months ago)

+rep, good trader!

bramp0wnd (10 months ago)

good trader :) +rep

Esquire (10 months ago)

Bought keys for a trade

GasperMC (9 months ago)

great tradder +repu

simbar (9 months ago)

nice trader +rep

sedrector (8 months ago)

Nice trade +rep I came first and everything was ok ;)

norfar (8 months ago)

+rep, He went first, i delivered

Mthdraken (7 months ago)

Great trader. +Rep

DarthFoot (7 months ago)

Amazing trader, gave more then i asked. REP+

Maximilange (7 months ago)

perfect trade, trust and quick :)

Rav87 (7 months ago)

+rep , good trader :)

MCVAGINA (7 months ago)

+rep good and patient trader!!!

uakiki (7 months ago)

Thank you! :)

benjajinj (7 months ago)

Great trader, patient and trustworthy! +rep

MengCrap (7 months ago)

+rep he went first with a key

gman92 (7 months ago)

fair trader, +rep

Rollbar (7 months ago)

Nice trader, went first. Thanks!

lpmassaru (7 months ago)

Nice and friendly trader. Fast and honest.

Badgy (7 months ago)

Great trader! Very nice. +rep

Phiphi108 (7 months ago)

Thank you! You helped a lot for my first trade. Honest and all... Thank you!

MCLGarrett (7 months ago)

Trustworthy trader. +rep

kangarooman (7 months ago)

+Rep, Fast trade

Emirasol (7 months ago)

Awesome, very nice trader. +Rep :D

kazehaya (7 months ago)

very friendly and patient trader, he waste alot of time for my fault,but he was still very friendly to me :c

Nirosinlove (7 months ago)

Awesome trader, he went first with the keys. + rep

RyGuS (6 months ago)

+rep great trader tyvm

SOBAKA (6 months ago)

+rep Great trader

ABuB (5 months ago)

+rep first guy I ever traded with :D