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oOGnomeoOo (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

Su0malainen (2 years ago)

Polite trader +rep

Ozz (2 years ago)

good trader, fast and friendly ++rep

Axlii (2 years ago)

good trader, ++rep

condenaocadista (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep!!

souloppaiTH (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep!!

FrozenBlade (2 years ago)

good trader +rep

Zomby2D (2 years ago)

Good trader, +rep

psydex (2 years ago)

Really friendly and great person! rep+

kc (2 years ago)

+rep, nice trade :)

DudeYouGotThis (2 years ago)


Sra3miliana (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

yayimahuman (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

bertyoo (2 years ago)
  • rep cause he is awesome
weasl (2 years ago)

Friendly and honest trader +rep

CSerGO (2 years ago)

Good trader, ++ Rep!

zombiepetr (2 years ago)

Great and trustable trader! +rep

Spidernumerouno (2 years ago)

Nice trade! +rep

packypax (2 years ago)

+rep good trader

neurasthenic (2 years ago)

Good, trustable trader - I went first +rep

ntkh (2 years ago)

Went first and ot game afterwards! Trustable guy! +rep

Bart227 (2 years ago)

nice trader +rep

juanCaverman (2 years ago)

Good Trader +rep

Brakebeyn (2 years ago)

good trader, he went first with his key

aro022 (2 years ago)

Good Trader + Good Guy

Vioskylion (2 years ago)

great trader +rep

JhonCorV (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep! ;)

RiseFromYourGrave (2 years ago)

Great trader! Very trusty! +rep

Razuto22 (2 years ago)

nicest trader ever!!!! extremely honest, respectful, and trustworthy :) highly recommended! rep+++

ExDec (2 years ago)

Honest trader.

FrasseFresh (2 years ago)


winterflame (1 year ago)

Good trader ^_^

PitIcarus (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

tunaah (1 year ago)

+++rep, patient and mighty kind!

Gun420 (1 year ago)

+rep went first on a key trade, quick and easy gotta love it.

MangoTangoFox (1 year ago)

Went first on key 4 key, nice and fast :D +rep

Nymo (1 year ago)

my first time work nice, ty :D +rep

Walk87 (1 year ago)

Friendly and honest trader +rep

Vooder (1 year ago)

+good trade

Slam9999 (1 year ago)