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TheShobo (1 year ago)

Great trader, +rep

peterpan2013 (1 year ago)

Thanks :-) +rep

Comparison (1 year ago)

good trader ++rep

wixe (1 year ago)

nice trader +rep!

blackyoshi11 (1 year ago)

Fast trade. +rep.

ojalaap (1 year ago)

Great trader. Nice and fast! Thanks! +Rep

SrMilagro (1 year ago)

Nice and fast trader!, many thanks! +rep

inetus3r (1 year ago)

Super fast and nice. Thank for the trade ! +rep

Franshou (1 year ago)

Great and fast trader +rep

DukeLion (1 year ago)

Awesome trader. +Rep

PiecesOfMieces (1 year ago)

Nice and fast trader +Rep :)

wormmayhem (1 year ago)

good trader +REP!

zeusimov (1 year ago)

Great, fast trader. +rep

Claes138 (1 year ago)

Quick and easy 5 key trade ++rep

CasualGamer (1 year ago)

Friendly and quick. :) + rep

Bigshrimp (1 year ago)

He went first with his key and then me with mine. Trade with quick and with no issues. Honest and trustworthy trader.

foysp (1 year ago)

Nice and polite trader, went first with his keys. +rep

kpaxxx (1 year ago)

Good trader! rep+

GunaSoup (11 months ago)

Fast Trade +rep, Thanks!

bobgunnison (11 months ago)

Traded two games and went great. rep++

davezerio (11 months ago)

+rep, great trader, fast, polite & friendly.

Zorder (11 months ago)

Fast, smooth and polite trader, +rep

theflawd1 (11 months ago)

fast, friendly trader! +rep

Accatone (11 months ago)

Very good trader! +rep

chen14 (11 months ago)

great trader +rep

jonhuggs (11 months ago)

+rep, excellent trader!

Fynal (10 months ago)

+REP, great trader :)

yuvesh (10 months ago)

good trader

Hanuka (10 months ago)

Great trader and nice guy!

Monolight (10 months ago)

Great trader.

KNightmare123 (10 months ago)

Great trader. +rep

emreseyda (10 months ago)

Very nice and good trader. Trustable. +rep:)

DesoITA (10 months ago)

fast and friendly trader + rep :)

nohltoli (9 months ago)

Easy trade + rep

arkrista (9 months ago)

An excellent trader! Very kind, fast, and trustworthy! +Rep


bliNkAAzz (9 months ago)

+rep thanks :)

pulsarzr0 (9 months ago)

Awesome, fast, friendly and trustable trader! +rep

Richie (9 months ago)

Great trader, quick and he gladly went first +rep.

Marxeo (9 months ago)

thx or trade, +rep

emeh (9 months ago)

Good trader +rep