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Walk87 (1 year ago)

nice trader

Slimer1998 (1 year ago)


darthhomer12 (1 year ago)

Great trader

Psitaylor (1 year ago)

I went first, received my game shortly after. rep+

razigo (1 year ago)

Great trader a n d very good comunication! +repo

Sub (1 year ago)

Perfect trader, he went first with key. +rep

ccfirat (1 year ago)

Great trader. fast, easy, and smooth +REP

quislor (1 year ago)

Nice and trustworthy trader. Went first with the key in exchange for Paypal. Thanks!

Denial94 (1 year ago)
  • F*cking Perfect trader :D
ReloaD1010 (1 year ago)

really fast trade +++rep!!

thebap (1 year ago)

friendly trader+rep

doudemoTed (1 year ago)

Fast trader +rep

kc (1 year ago)

fair and fast trader +rep

PinkiePie87 (1 year ago)

Went first with key +rep

Aneszej (1 year ago)

Easy trade, he sent me paypal money first, and i sent him key, no issues. +++REP

esk77 (1 year ago)

Great trader +rep

XXLuigiMario (1 year ago)

Great trader :D

Seravur (1 year ago)

Good and Trustble Trader!!!!! +REP

kornetto (1 year ago)

Good trader! I went first and received the game right after +rep

DWano14 (1 year ago)

perfect trader :D ! +rep

SilentSpartan (1 year ago)

I went first with key. Good trader! +rep!

humblecan (1 year ago)

Trustable trader, thanks a lot. +Rep

Andyish (1 year ago)

Great trader!

3v1lcl0n3 (1 year ago)

nice and fast trader +rep :)

mitreamarkus77 (1 year ago)

Reliable,trustworthy trader

DarkBoy16 (1 year ago)

Trustworthy trader, thx for key

Enclear (1 year ago)

Good buyer +rep

Angrenbor (1 year ago)

Nice and fast trader, went first with a key, +rep!

THISaint (1 year ago)

+rep I went first

Klaattu (1 year ago)

Great Trader. +rep

SnakeGriffin (1 year ago)

Smooth trader, +rep

Sra3miliana (1 year ago)

Great and friendly trader! +rep

cloudpierre (1 year ago)

friendly fast trade thanks again

limelisa (1 year ago)
  • Rep, traded me steam indies keys.
weasl (1 year ago)

Trustable trader, I sent key first +rep

Bigshrimp (1 year ago)

He went first with his steam key and then me with my key. Quick and trustworthy trader.

FriendlyZombie (1 year ago)

Quick & easy trade +rep

Zomby2D (1 year ago)

Nice, friendly trader. +rep

nic3greennachos (1 year ago)

willing to negotiate for decent trades

Funcrusher (1 year ago)

Fast and reliable trader, +rep.