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Zsegiano (1 year ago)

great trader! +rep!

SnakeLeo (1 year ago)

Fast and clean trade. +rep

Archlion (1 year ago)

He bought 2 keys from me and went first with Paypal, very trusted A+ seller!

Trampo290988 (1 year ago)

great trader + rep

mariganza (1 year ago)

great trader + rep

john111 (1 year ago)

Smooth trade. I went first

Raseto (1 year ago)


kzwen (1 year ago)

Nice trader +rep!

BarryEvil (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep

zax454 (1 year ago)

good and honesty trader, he go first +rep

The1WhoKares (1 year ago)

Very good & patient trader. +rep

waterstof (1 year ago)

Quick and good trader! +REP

C0rnr4g3 (1 year ago)

Fast and fair trader +rep

Rtt (1 year ago)

Nice trade! Thanks!

dacannon (1 year ago)

Great and fair trader! +rep

poczta (1 year ago)

Good trader. Go first with PP. +++rep

AndoneSV (1 year ago)

Great traded +REP

jvictorcm (1 year ago)

trusty trader +rep

solid7 (1 year ago)

Great trader! +rep

Yugo (1 year ago)

We traded keys, everything went ok +rep

aElder (1 year ago)

+REP we arranged a trade that made both happy pretty fast and could swap some keys when we were both online. Patient cause my connection sucks here.

Bonpar (1 year ago)

+rep, very trustworthy trader, thanks

foysp (1 year ago)

Fast and polite trader. +rep

CyberneticYouth (1 year ago)

Trustworthy trader, +rep.

Endrju (1 year ago)

+rep, good trader

KNightmare123 (1 year ago)

Great trader +rep

Richy (1 year ago)

nice trader +rep

numbr (1 year ago)

Was a pleasure trading keys with. Would happily trade with Crazher again.

rbryan06 (1 year ago)

good and nice trader! +rep

Nick2011102rus (11 months ago)

fair trader! gave him keys first +rep

Tricks73r (11 months ago)

Great trade; I went first and he delivered with a key. +Rep

Luucid (11 months ago)

I went le first. Quick trader. +rep

Sklurm (11 months ago)

+REP! Fast friendly trader :p2orange::sticky::headcrab:

MysteryNotes (11 months ago)

+rep awesome trader

CptnChaos (10 months ago)

Nice guy! +rep

kolonor (10 months ago)

good and nice trader! +rep

Suginoko (10 months ago)

Great trader(I went first with key) +rep

BlooDLusT91 (10 months ago)

good trader! +rep

Sammerd (10 months ago)

Good trader +rep

paegan (10 months ago)

little leery but honest trader. +rep