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n2slow4me (2 years ago)

+Rep, fast and honest trader.

zverko81 (2 years ago)

+Rep, fast and honest trader.

Dooleh (1 year ago)

good trader, +rep

BatistutaSRB (1 year ago)

+rep, nice and quick.

Brdza (1 year ago)

+rep, my idol trader

Assimilat0r (1 year ago)

+REP, good trader , fast and honest.

Kovach (1 year ago)

+rep, good trader

bugi97 (1 year ago)

he's the best trader in tha motherfuckin hood!

tigerrenko (1 year ago)

hes great

Regnus (1 year ago)

I give first !! Nice Trader

DarkBoy16 (1 year ago)

He went first! Good trader!

Eucliwood (1 year ago)

Nice trader +rep

kombin3 (1 year ago)

+rep! He went first with two keys.

Pessimisticninja (1 year ago)

Traded Syberia 2 for his TF2 items. +rep super friendly :)

Ogisha (1 year ago)

+rep, very good trader

RufioBaraba (1 year ago)

+rep respect and honest...good trader.

Symbiotic (1 year ago)

Friendly and good trader.

elbersame (1 year ago)

good trader,fast and smooth trade,+rep

Shirie (1 year ago)

+rep. Very nice and friendly trader ^_^

ecusell (1 year ago)

+REP fast and honest trader.

Koma09 (1 year ago)

+Rep, fast and honest trader.

MadAndy (1 year ago)

+1 was a fast and stooth trade

Domen122 (1 year ago)

+rep Great treader fast and nice :D

HARTBAUM (1 year ago)

Good Trader

Anas (1 year ago)

Fast and easy +REP

rash (1 year ago)

Nice trader +

Adziej (1 year ago)

Quick, friendly and polite trader, all I can wish! +rep!

XxSlacherxX (1 year ago)

+rep, nice trader

Kadavro (1 year ago)

Nice and great trader! +REP!!!

XperiaTizen (1 year ago)

+Rep for fast and friendly trader :)

FanSH (1 year ago)

+1 All good)

Orth0doX (1 year ago)

+Rep Nice and friendly trader.

pshycoblad3 (11 months ago)

Exellent trader +rep for friendlyness and patience

Falturner (10 months ago)

+rep great trader

ImJordannn (10 months ago)

Good and fast trader

thenightmare7 (10 months ago)

good and fast trader +rep

m3gadroider (10 months ago)

+reo nice trader

Delax26 (9 months ago)

Good trader +rep

BerrySeven (8 months ago)
  • Amazing trader :D
zumzyk (8 months ago)

+rep. Thanks for trade