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lionhead (2 years ago)

+rep fast trader

rikker (2 years ago)

Trade went smoothly, thanks again! +rep

FaithNoMore82 (2 years ago)

Trade went very smooth. Went first with his key. Anytime again! +Rep

lowbob1994 (2 years ago)

very good trader :)

r3k0 (1 year ago)

Nice and patient trader +rep!

Crvsh3R (1 year ago)

Trustworthy trader. Everything went smooth & fast! +rep to you!

raiedash (1 year ago)

+++Rep for a great trader

Weran (1 year ago)

fast & great trader +++

zsoldosv (1 year ago)

+rep great trader ^^

Suginoko (1 year ago)

Trustable trader + rep

speedxy69 (1 year ago)

very good and fast trader!he went first whit key!!+++REP

jaceb (1 year ago)

great trader ! +rep

Egioh (1 year ago)

fast and fair trade, +rep!

filthyphil88 (1 year ago)

Fast, friendly trader.

Stevensi1018 (1 year ago)

Great trader, +rep

sebbe158 (1 year ago)

Fast and good trade, even got more than i asked for ^^

professorpump (1 year ago)

Fast and good trader!

Crastor (1 year ago)

Nice and Honest Trader + rep

dawidt12 (1 year ago)

+rep, awesome fast trader :) also he went first

pulsarzr0 (1 year ago)

+rep Great Trader

OrNaM3nT (1 year ago)

Trustworthy trader + rep

stranislav (1 year ago)

++ rep good trader

panther13 (1 year ago)

Great Trader ++rep

marcd2k13 (1 year ago)

+rep went first with key, good trader

Felipe (1 year ago)

good trader :D

Flimster3 (1 year ago)

Trustworthy and simple trade +rep

p3eZz (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep

aommaster (1 year ago)

Fast and excellent trader. +rep!

Eijikyashito (1 year ago)

fast trader +rep

soyhumano (1 year ago)

Fast trader.

Evanescenz (1 year ago)

Nice and trusted trader. I went first and no problem! +rep :)

rezorathor (1 year ago)

Great trader who was good for their key. Very polite and fast. +rep

AAAAAA (1 year ago)

+rep quick trade.

psk (1 year ago)

+rep, very nice trader!

Ravenblood (1 year ago)

+rep great trader,fast trade!

v3nom (1 year ago)

great trader. +rep

Dragonfruut (1 year ago)

Fast and fair trader!

Sephiroth983 (1 year ago)

Awesome trader, and trustworthy.

Esther (1 year ago)

Great trader, +rep.

HarrisonLee (1 year ago)

Super trader, fast deal. + rep