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maddd (2 years ago)

good trader

duskwatch (2 years ago)

Trusted trader : )

riptide (2 years ago)

++rep good trader

Rafa9000 (2 years ago)

+Rep Very good and fast trader!

FinnFlynn (2 years ago)

Nice trader +rep

edchaos (2 years ago)

Perfect Trader +rep!

mariganza (2 years ago)

great trader,thanks!

Weritas (2 years ago)

Perfect trader +rep

senorincognito (2 years ago)

Nice and friendly trading partner

Avalanche (2 years ago)

I gave key first, no problem. +++

UnrealrageSRB (2 years ago)

Thanks for Air Mech. <3

jk2k (2 years ago)

Good trader and nice man! + rep for good trade

rexludus (2 years ago)

good guy, thanks for the games! A+

Marldain (2 years ago)

Quick and easy trade.

abcxyz91 (2 years ago)

awesome trader, have a good day buddy :)

yunohaxor (2 years ago)

Great trader and a really good person. +rep!

Fozzylt (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

mL (2 years ago)

nice person, good trader, +rep

ArmadX (2 years ago)

Good trader, he had keys and went first, +rep

Enviador (2 years ago)

good trader & nice guy +rep

LeePeixoto (2 years ago)

Excelent, honest and fast trader!

blinkdog (2 years ago)

+trust trade gifts and he added key after

garlex (2 years ago)

Excelent and fast trader, ++rep.

UZuhl (2 years ago)

+Rep. Good Trader. Fair. Faster. A+

Mindestens (2 years ago)

Good trader, would trade again in the future ;). Thanks!

Shalashaska (2 years ago)

Perfect trader +rep

spoooner (2 years ago)

good trader. thanks for the WWII game

foeman (2 years ago)

goo trader +rep

LIBshock (2 years ago)

Good trader

tjdxryx (2 years ago)

Very nice trader, +rep !

kortatu (1 year ago)

+++ rep

Chmiel00 (1 year ago)

good trader a+++++++

Mathzx (1 year ago)

Gave him a key first and he traded afterward. Good trader!

Lucif (1 year ago)

Good trader + rep

tkodnor (1 year ago)

just traded rage and left4dead for 2x cs go, he's a trustworthy trader :)

mammut (1 year ago)

great trader +rep

Skipe (1 year ago)

Perfect Trader !

SlimxShady (1 year ago)

Great Trader +rep

Crazyfrog (1 year ago)

Awesome trader, very fast and Trustworthy, hope to do business again :) ++++REP!!

TheRaPitoR (1 year ago)

good trader ^o^