Closed: [H] 250 + Games [W] Offers, Tf2 keys

259 Comments - Created by thebap (+118/-0) 2 years ago

its retail box keys(steamworks).

--------retail box keys---------region free---------region free------

-Call of Juarez the Cartel



-Game of Thrones Bundle

-Battlefield Bad Company 2

-Hitman Absolution

-Just Cause 2

-Dirt 3


-DeusEx Complete Collection

-Civilization V Gold Edition

-Assassins Creed 2

-Assassins Creed Brotherhood

-Fable III


-War Of the Roses

-A-10C Warthog

-Two Worlds 2 Velvet Edition

-Counter Strike Anthology

-Counter Strike Complete

-Sleeping Dogs

-Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY

-Penumbra Collector Pack

-The Witcher Enchanced Edition


-Street Fighter X Tekken

-Street Fighter X Tekken All DLC Pack

-Borderlands GOTY

-Trine 2

-Garrys Mod

-Half Life 1

-HL 2 Episode 2

-Death Rally

-Serious Sam Classic: Second Encounter

-Serious Sam HD: First Encounter

-Red Orchestra 2 GOTY

-Quantum Conundrum


-STORM: Frontline Nation

-Political Machine 2012

-Monday Night Combat (its not free one)


-Civilization III Complete

-Hotel Giant 2

-Cricket Revolution

-Serious Sam 3 BFE

-Universe Sandbox

-Penny Arcade Adventures: Precipice of Darkness Combo Pack

-Crash Time III

-Day of Defeat Source

-Delta Force Bootcamp( Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Delta Force Land Warrior, Delta Force: Task Force Dagger)

-LA Noire

-LA Noire Complete Edition

-Sniper Ghost Warrior Gold Edition

-Portal 2

-Portal Bundle

-Portal 2: Final Hours

-Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack

-The Sims Medieval

-World Basketball Manager

-Flight Control HD

-Supreme Commander Gold

-Test Drive Unlimited 2

-DeusEx Human Revolution

-Flatout Ultimate Carnage

-Flatout 3 Chaos Destruction

-Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

-Zeno Clash

-Tropico Reloded( Tropico, Tropico Paradise Island, Tropico 2 Pirates Cave)

-The Polynomial

-Trapped Dead

-Choplifter HD


-The Tiny Bang Story

-Bad Rats

-Toki Tori

-Nation Red

-Puzzle Dimension

-Nuclear Dawn

-Puzzle Agent


-Vegas Make It Big

-Rome Total War

-The Ship 2 pack

-Total War Battles: Shogun


-Devil May Cry 4

-Condemned: Criminal Origins


-Toy Soldiers

-Iron Brigade

-Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

-Dirt 2

-The Darkness 2

-Spec Ops The Line

-Borderlands GOTY

-Duke Nukem Forever

-Duke Nukem Forever Hail to the Icons DLC

-Duke Nukem Forever Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC

-Civilization V GOTY

-The Stronghold Collection

-Mortal Kombat Kollection


-Bioshock 2

-Metro 2033

-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

-Red Orchestra Osfront 41-45

-Red Orchestra 2 GOTY

-Killing Floor Complete

-Red Faction Armageddon

-Red Faction Armageddon the Path to War DLC

-Titan Quest

-Warhammer 40k Dawn of War GOTY

-Waking Mars

-Crazy Machines

-Crazy Machines 1.5

-Crazy Machines: Elements

-Crazy Machines 2


-Robin Hood :The Legend of Sherwood

-Fantasy Wars

-Sonic Generations Casino Night DLC

-Humble Bundle (FieldRunners, Bit Trip Beat, SpaceChem, Uplink)

-Humble Bundle for Android 2 (Avadon Black Fortress, Snuggle Truck, Cogs, Zen Bound 2)

-Humble Bundle 6 part 1(Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z, Torchlight, Vessel)

-Humble Bundle 6 part 2(Bit Trip Runner, Jamestown, Wizorb, Gratuitous Space Battles)

-Humble THQ Bundle( Metro 2033, Darksiders, Red Faction Armageddon, Company of Heroes's)


-Kung Fu Strike

-Majesty 2

-East India Company

-Lead And Gold

-Europa Universalis: Rome - Gold Edition

-Knights of Honor

-Elven Legacy

-The Kings' Crusade

-Chrome: SpecForce

-Revelations 2012

-Dead Horde

-Iron Grip: Warlord

-Avernum: The Second Trilogy(4,5,6,)

-Rig N Roll

-Space Rangers

-Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943

-Star Wolves

-Star Wolves 2

-Star Wolves 3 : Civil War

-UFO Afterlight

-Reign: Conflict of Nations

-ION Assault

-Insecticide Ep 1

-Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

-Commandos Beyond Call of Duty

-Commandos 2 Behind The Enemy Lines

-Commandos 3 Destination Berlin


-Worms Pinball

-Worms Crazy Golf

-Worms Blast

-Alien Breed 3

-Broken Sword 2 : The Smoking Mirror

-Broken Sword 3 : The Sleeping Dragon


-Sword&Soldiers HD

-Zen Bound 2


-Avadon: The Black Fortress


-Crayon Physics Deluxe

-Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

-XIII Century Gold


-Necrovision: Lost Company

-Men Of War

-Men of War Vietnam

-Men Of War: Red Tide

-Men of War: Assault Squad

-Men of War: Assault Squad - DLC Pack


-Fantasy Wars

-King's Bounty: The Legend


-Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the lamb


-Shank 2

-Cave Story+

-Offspring Fling


-Magicka Vietnam DLC




-Painkiller: Black Edition

-Cities In Motion

-Victoria II

-Ibomber Attack

-IBomber Defense Pacific

-Unstoppable Gorg

-Stellar Impact

-Twin Sector

-Future Wars

-Greed: Black Border

-Grotesque Tactics

-Grotesque Tactics 2

-Trapped Dead

-Off-Road Drive

-Death to Spies: Moment of Truth

-Death Track: Resurrection

-Real Warfare 1242

-Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades

-The Whispered World


-STORM: Frontline Nation

-Mata Hari

-Cargo! The Quest for Gravity

-Alter Ego


-Darwinia Soundtrack



-Defcon Soundtrack



-Hearts of Iron 3

-Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition


-Dungeons: The Dark Lord

-Eschalon Book II

-Party of Sin

-Planets Under Attack

-Two Worlds II

-King Arthur Complete Collection

-The Adventures of Shuggy


-Beat Hazard Ultra

-Solar 2

-Dynamite Jack



-Crash Time 2


-Still Life

-Still Life 2

-Vigil Blood Bitterness

-Tank Universal


-Miner Wars Arena

-Miner Wars 2081


-Vegas MAke It Big

-Zombie Pirates

-Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon


-A Game Of Dwarves

-Warlock : Master of the Arcane

-Europa Universalis III : Chronicles Collection

-Defenders of Ardania


-NEO Scavenger(DESURA)

-Major Mayhem (DESURA)



-Aztaka (DESURA)


-The Cat Lady(DESURA)

-Manor of the Damned!(DESURA)

-Aduge Qasir Al-Wasat: A Night in Between (DESURA)

-Vitrum (DESURA)

-Orczz (DESURA)

-Bignic Zombies (DESURA)

-Fibrillation (DESURA)

-Talisman Prologue (DESURA)

-The Geneforge Saga (GOG)

-Paranormal (DESURA)

-Street Racing Syndicate (GamersGate)

-Guilty Gear Isuka (GamersGate)

-Gun Metal (GamersGate)

Kissoflife (+19/-1) (2 years ago)

Portal 2+Crysis Warhead for Bordedlands GOTY?

thanks for the trade

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

juanCaverman (+383/-1) (2 years ago)

Call Of Juarez for Nuclear Dawn

i have nuclear dawn thanks for the offer

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

mariganza (+319/-4) (2 years ago)

nation red giftable for call of juarez the cartel key?

thank you but already have nation red

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Acqeel (+4/-1) (2 years ago)

Portal 2 gift or Dota 2 invite key or Smite key for call of juarez the cartel.

have it all thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Deadbot (+0/-0) (2 years ago)

Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 for Dead Horde?

have it thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

KeRmiT (+9/-0) (2 years ago)

Blur for the cartel key ? (you have any proof for key ? )

im at work now. when came home i will contact you. ( i can send pictures:) )

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

okey, pictures are fine, need them if have any control of steam ;)

KeRmiT (+9/-0)

(2 years ago)

thanks for the trade

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

icefiresr (+223/-0) (2 years ago)

Ruse for Transformers: War for Cybetron tradable?

thanks but im not interested transformers

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

PhoenixIIEH3A (+451/-1) (2 years ago)


Nuclear Dawn, Hydrophobia: Prophecy, Zombie Driver, Zombie Driver: Summer of Slaughter, Toki Tori, Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Renegade Ops, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath


Razor 2: Hidden skies, Beat hazard, Choplifter HD, Trine, King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame


Shootmania Storm Closed Beta ArcheBlade Beta End of Nations Beta


Crysis Warhead

zombie driver + zombies vs plants? if ok i will be online 4 hrs

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago*)

+3 yours keys from Bunndles ? -Air Conflicts Secret Wars -Alien Breed: Impact -Cargo Quest for the Gravity

Or U add Civ5 & I'm 1 game too

add U in steam

PhoenixIIEH3A (+451/-1)

(2 years ago*)

xfumblesx (+102/-0) (2 years ago)

Anything here for Cargo or A Stroke of Fate?

thanks for the trade

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

CaptainMorti (+523/-0) (2 years ago)

Blur for Portal 2 + one of that: Orcs Must Die, Sanctum or the 3 Broken Swords Keys

thanks but no

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Ps1d3r (+117/-0) (2 years ago)


I want Portal 2, add me


thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Sorry, don't need it anymore :/

Ps1d3r (+117/-0)

(2 years ago)

Tanabodin666 (+29/-0) (2 years ago)

5$ steam wallet for Crysis warhead ?

actually im looking for games. good luck

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Farell (+12/-0) (2 years ago)

Are you interested in Fifa 13 Standard Edition PC Key Origin?

its pretty valuable offer but i didnt play since fifa99 :D so no

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago*)

MisterXHD (+37/-0) (2 years ago)

Magicka for Portal 2

thanks no

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

josgba2002 (+73/-0) (2 years ago)

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Origin Key for Portal 2?

thanks i have bad company 2 on steam

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

ericpol (+67/-2) (2 years ago)

Trine 2 ?

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

trine 2 + a key for both?

ericpol (+67/-2)

(2 years ago)

will online about 1.5 hrs, at work now

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago*)

sorry dude i traded trine 2

ericpol (+67/-2)

(2 years ago)


thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

dRumMzZ (+65/-1) (2 years ago*)

Blood Bowl Legendary (development copy) for RUSE key

have it. thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

sanctum tradable for your worms?

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Not interested, thank you though.

dRumMzZ (+65/-1)

(2 years ago)

Gamecin (+0/-0) (2 years ago)

hitman blood money for ruse?

no thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

gokunaruto1 (+101/-0) (2 years ago)

Dead space 1 for crysis warhead or portal 2?

thanks for the offer but im not interested dead space. i will trade for warhammer if you want any of these

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Okay, would it be possible to get crysis warhead + another small game for dawn of war: platinum edition?

gokunaruto1 (+101/-0)

(2 years ago)

Thank you for the trade :)

gokunaruto1 (+101/-0)

(2 years ago)

thanks its pleasure

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

FinnFlynn (+385/-1) (2 years ago)

Risen or Red Faction Guerrilla for Crysis Warhead?

sorry. already traded

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

gotia2003 (+29/-0) (2 years ago*)

Bunch of Heroes (tradable) = Zero Gear and Alien Breed Impact?

thanks im not interested

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

matcarfer (+150/-1) (2 years ago)

Mirrors Edge for CoJTheCartel?


thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

leinad112 (+25/-0) (2 years ago)

Hi!! Do you want Half-Life 2: Deathmatch + Half-Life 2: Lost Coast + Half-Life Deathmatch: Source + Half-Life 2: Episode One, all for Portal 2?

hi. have those thanks anyway. can do it for borderlands

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

No tks. Good lock ;)

leinad112 (+25/-0)

(2 years ago)

AndrewTheRed (+1/-0) (2 years ago)

Origin account with BF3,Crysis Warhead,Dead Space 2 and Syndicate for Call of Juarez: The Cartel and Just Cause 2?

im not interested accounts. but thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

AlphaCR (+7/-0) (2 years ago)

Just Cause 2 or BF3 for my Dota 2+Hoard/Nuclear Dawn?

thanks but not interested dotas

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

hoard + nuclear dawn then?

AlphaCR (+7/-0)

(2 years ago)

leinad112 (+25/-0) (2 years ago)

Metro 2033 or Flatout Ultimate Carnage or World of Goo for portal 2?

thanks for the trade

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

idk303 (+52/-0) (2 years ago)

War for Cybertron for BF3?

not interested thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Matrixomega (+92/-0) (2 years ago)

Hi, My Civ5 (tradable) for your keys, Deux Ex HR, Just Cause 2, & Hitman BM?


thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago*)

habbs4 (+7/-0) (2 years ago)

Deux Ex HR for Cortex Commander Key


thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

WSS (+22/-0) (2 years ago)

Dota 2 tradeable for vegas make it big OR bunch of heros?

sorry for delay. thanks but not interested

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago*)

Enviador (+191/-0) (2 years ago)

my dota 2 gift for your portal 2?

thanks but no

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Viewstar (+75/-2) (2 years ago)

Section8:Prejudice+all dlc's tradable for your BF3 key?

thanks for offer but no

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

xAFBx (+15/-0) (2 years ago)

Section 8 Prejudice (tradable) + Deus Ex Human Revolution (key) + Supreme Commander 2 (key) for Portal 2?


thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

JackTheWhite (+324/-0) (2 years ago)

Supreme Commander 2 or Just Cause 1 or Missing Link or Hitman Blood Money or The Void keys for RUSE.

have all those. thanks:)

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

Huiggi (+2/-0) (2 years ago*)

Region free Dungeon Siege 3 key and tradable Dota 2 for Civilization V?

thanks but no

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

sandgrave (+5/-0) (2 years ago)

Metro2033 + loadout beta + Rift Storm legio beta for Homefront?

not interested betas thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

gokunaruto1 (+101/-0) (2 years ago)

my universe at war for alpha protocol or payday?

my tradable torchlight 1 for trine 2?

not interested universe at war, torchlight low

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

dymoblade (+33/-0) (2 years ago)

I have Home and MacGuffin's Curse. Interested?


thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

darkdude8 (+152/-0) (2 years ago)

Metro 2033 (tradeable) for RUSE + The Geneforge Saga?

1:1 only

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

I think it's a fair trade because Metro is worth more than RUSE in steam store, if not then good luck

darkdude8 (+152/-0)

(2 years ago)

sen (+0/-0) (2 years ago)

my Nuclear Dawn for homefront?

have nuclear dawn thanks

thebap (+118/-0)

(2 years ago)

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