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So finally it has come the time that also I have an impersonator :/

This is his profile

This is mine

Please, pay attention with who you're dealing with!

Check the url, my profile has -mordred93- in it, not a bunch of numbers!

I have 390 games on steam, my profile is always public and I have a link to my steamtrades profile in my steam profile!

The only other name I have used is mordred 1993!

Thanks cooki31993 for the reporting.

cooki31993 (+7/-0) (1 year ago)

np dude, i had a good friend who was our middleman :)

Devil231 (+30/-0) (1 year ago)

yeah..he tried to "trade" with me today:))

Glad he didn't manage to accomplish his try!

mordred93 (+137/-0)

(1 year ago)

killersquall338 (+685/-0) (1 year ago)

Blocked. Free bump! :)

NotSoPro (+11/-0) (1 year ago)

The guy added me a few hours ago... Still active.

Keep your eyes open! -bump-

mordred93 (+137/-0)

(1 year ago*)

xboxer (+355/-2) (1 year ago)
Stelio (+4/-0) (1 year ago)

He's just added me so I searched on here for him and found this thread. Thanks for the warning :)

You're welcome, I really hope no one gets scammed by him.

mordred93 (+137/-0)

(1 year ago)

Crazyfrog (+135/-0) (1 year ago)

Report on steamrep as well.

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