I'm trying to make the best offer possible. All prices are less than 75% off of Steam.

I have the Steam keys for the following games

-Dungeon Defenders Collection (5€)

-Snapshot (2€)

-Closure (2€)

-The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC (2€)

-Shank 2 (3€)

-Legend of Grimrock (3€)

-The Basement Collection (1.5€)

-Offspring Fling (1.5€)

-Cave Story+ (2€)

-Titan Quest (2€)

-Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (2€)

-Disciples II: Gallean's return (1€)

-Metal Drift (1€)

-The Ship (1€)


-RUSE (2.5€)

-Shoot Many Robots (2€)

-Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes (2€)

-ZEIT² (2€)

-Supreme Commander 2 (2€)

-Magicka: Wizard Survival Kit

-Magicka: Nippon DLC

In Steam Inventory:

-Death Rally (2€)

-Starvoid (2€)

-Dota 2 (1€)

-Magicka: Horror Props

I want Paypal/Steamwallet , we can get to the price together and maybe some offers. (Don't offer any HiB/Indie Royale/IG etc, already have them)

Make your offer here please! If you add me you must go first!!!

As it seems, Paypal is charging the Seller with fees (~9% on total amount), we can arrange a better deal if you want more games. If you send money as gift there is no fee to pay.

sevendust (+252/-2) (2 years ago)

street fighter vs tekken tradeable (row) for alan wake?

Not really interested, but thanks! :)

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

O3Hundred (+14/-0) (2 years ago)

2 keys of Warhammer Dawn of War for Hitman.

Already got it from Humble THQ Bundle, but thanks!

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

DevilM4n (+7/-0) (2 years ago)

Deus Ex for Saints Row: The Third?

Already have it, thanks!

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

TheMegaenna (+32/-0) (2 years ago)

Bioshock 2 for Deus EX?

Already have it, thanks for the offer though!

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

Anything from my inventory?

TheMegaenna (+32/-0)

(2 years ago)

Not really interested in those games.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

KeyserSozer (+22/-0) (2 years ago)

king arthur 2 for last remnant or deus ex?

Not my kind of game, but thanks! :)

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

surVfate (+188/-1) (2 years ago)

How much in Paypal for Alan Wake Franchise? It used to have a 10$ sale...

In my region it costs 35,99€ What would you say for 18€ (50%)?

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

I'll wait for Xmas sale then...

surVfate (+188/-1)

(2 years ago)

Ok, thanks for your offer.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

laharlgr (+59/-0) (2 years ago)

Titan Quest(key) for Might And Magic: Class of heroes?

Already have it, but thanks! :)

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

flynnwhyte (+9/-0) (2 years ago)

Just bought from him a bundle

-Deus ex HR AE + Missing Link -Just cause 1+2 -Hitman blood money

Paid with paypal received the key without problem :)

Sigma97 (+10/-0) (2 years ago)

Legend of Grimrock (tradeable) + Edge (tradeable) for Last Remnant

Don't really like those games, thanks for the offer!

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

Reza (+334/-2) (2 years ago)

Hi i want RUSE. I have: http://www.steamtrades.com/forum/vPfAw/h-17-games-and-indie-games-keys-w-post-mortem-macguffins-curse-to-the-moonand-more Can choose 2 - 3 games

Nice list, but nothing really interests me, thanks for the offer though! :)

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

Berckley (+0/-0) (2 years ago)

RUSE for Worms: Ultimate Mayhem?

Key or gift?

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

jacoPL (+32/-0) (2 years ago)

Might&Magic Clash of Heroes key for Braid?

Ehm... your Might&Magic Clash of Heroes for my Braid?

Already have Clash of heroes, and trying to trade it too...

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

DAWIDek (+38/-0) (2 years ago*)

Death Rally(gift) for M&M Clash of Heroes? if u can, add me

Thanks for your offer but already have the coupon.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(2 years ago)

laharlgr (+59/-0) (1 year ago)

Titan Quest key+Binding of Isaac(key from HIB7) for Clash of heroes?

Already have Titan Quest. I'm interested in the whole HiB.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

Shift (+53/-1) (1 year ago)

I'll give you $2 USD for Might & Magic Clash of Heroes key. (Verified Paypal)

2$~1.5€ http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert/?Amount=2&From=USD&To=EUR

No thank you.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

I am aware of the conversion. :P

$3 USD?

Shift (+53/-1)

(1 year ago*)

Angrenbor (+142/-0) (1 year ago)

Ravaged key for RUSE

Don't really like that game, mostly interested in PP. Thanks for your offer though.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

Farkhann (+22/-2) (1 year ago)

AaAaAA Reckless disregard for gravity for braid?

Not really interested, but thanks!

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

Naveei (+13/-0) (1 year ago)

Universe Sandbox for Braid

Not my kind of games, but thanks for your offer.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

Gendal (+27/-0) (1 year ago)

Interested in Shoot Many Robots and Quantum Conundrum. Any games on the list you'd like in exchange?

Any of these Steam keys:

  • Avadon: The Black Fortress
  • Cargo! The Quest for Gravity
  • Caster
  • Company Men of War: Condemned Heroes
  • Darksiders
  • Eufloria
  • King's Bounty: The Legend
  • Machinarium
  • Men Of War
  • Men Of War: Red Tide
  • Metro 2033:
  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Swords & Soldiers HD
  • The Adventures of Shuggy
  • Waveform

Or these Gamersgate gifts:

  • Aeon Command
  • Gentrieve 2
  • Zombies
  • Bridge It
  • Eryis Action
  • Terrorhedron 3D Coop Tower Defense
  • Achron (Mac)
  • Orczz (Mac)
  • Alien Shooter 2 Conscription
  • Orczz
  • Syder Arcade
  • Syder Arcade (Mac)
  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
  • Red Faction
  • Red Faction 2
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla
  • Titan Quest
  • Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Have most of them, if you want we can do a Steamwallet trade. Anyhow, thanks for your offer.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

What about these Steam keys:

  • Supreme Commander
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Retribution: Last Stand Alone DLC Complete Pack

If you're not interested in these, can we do a paypal trade?

Gendal (+27/-0)

(1 year ago)

We can do a Paypal trade, yeah. What would you say for 5€ both? There should be no fee if you send the money as gift. I'll be online around on 16:00 UK time so we can talk.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

tdc (+14/-0) (1 year ago*)

Your games might be decently priced to you but, in most regions, these aren't great deals.

Free bump.

I know that, I'm posting these prices for users with € currency.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

adams007 (+5/-0) (1 year ago)

Hi I'm interested in Braid for 2€.

Can do it if you can send Paypal money as gift, because PP charges the seller with fees (~9%). I'll be online around 17:00 (UK time).

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

darnitsa (+4/-0) (1 year ago*)

Payday the Heist for ~4$?

Ehm... I'm not interested in buying games, I'm trying to trade mine.

CyberMarco (+211/-0)

(1 year ago)

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