[H] Duke nukem forever goty [W] anything fair and i dont have

For the games below would like Fair offers

Mirrors Edge Gift Borderlands Game of the Year Edition
Two Worlds: Epic Edition x2
Two Worlds 2
Metro 2033 X3
Victoria II
Dawn of War Franchise Pack gift
Death Rally gift
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter gift Dragon Age Origins Ultimate editiong gift

Origin keys

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box x2
Dead Space Origin x2
Mirror's Edge Origin x2
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin
Dead Space Origin x2
Dead Space 3 Origin Key
Medal of Honor Origin Key
Mirror's Edge Origin Key

Dead Space Steam Key
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Steam Key
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Steam Key
Medal of Honor Steam Key
Mirror's Edge Steam Key

I Will generally trade the below games for anything i DONT have

Zombie Bowl-o-Rama
The Blackwell Deception Rig 'n' Roll
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
Trainz Simulator 12
GT Legends
Rune Classic
Crusader Kings Complete
Majesty 2 Collection
Mount & Blade
Shelter + The Circle
Dino D-Day
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition Section 8
Shattered Horizon
The Ship: Complete Pack
Dear Esther
Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon
Sanctum 1
Navel War Arctic Circle
The Showdown Effect
The Whispered World x 2
Depths of Peril
Sniper: Ghost Warrior
Men of War: Condemned Heroes
Numen: Contest of Heroes
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise
The Journey Down: Chapter 1
Zeno Clash
Dungeons: The Dark Lord
Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD
Ironclads: Anthology
Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY
Men of War: Red Tide Steam
Men of War Steam
King's Bounty: The Legend
King's Bounty: Armored Princess
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
Red Orchestra 2
Viking Battle for Asgard
Binary Domain
Hell Yeah
Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition
Waking Mars
NecroVision Lost Company
King's Bounty: The Legend x2
Men of War: Vietnam
Gorky 17
Fantasy Wars x2
Real Warfare 1242
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth
Off-Road Drive
Star Wolves 2
Reign: Conflict of Nations
Death Track: Resurrection
Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades
Little Inferno
Tiny and Big in Granpda's Leftovers
Tropico Trilogy
Section 8
Stellar Impact
Magicka Vietnam
Closure Steam Key x2
Dungeons: The Dark Lord
Warhammer 2
Eschalon Book II
Syberia 2
AirBuccaneers x2
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty
Metal Drift
Nuclear Dawn x2
Two Worlds 2 x3
Shattered Horizon
Two Worlds II - Castle Defense
Planets Under Attack x2
Iron Grip: Warlord x2
X-Blades x2
Zombie Shooter
Alien Shooter Revisited
Alien Hallway
Blood Bowl® - Legendary Edition
Patrician IV - Steam Special Edition
Patrician IV - Rise of a Dynasty DLC
Ironclads: Anthology
Post Mortem
Avencast: Rise of the Mage
Adventures of shuggy x2
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Men of War: Assault Squad
Men of War: Assault Squad - DLC Pack x3
iBomber Defense Pacific
Miner Wars 2081
Party of Sin
STORM: Frontline Nation
Cargo! The Quest for Gravity
Crazy Machines: Elements
Hearts of Iron III Collection
Darksiders II DLC - Abyssal Forge
Crusader Kings II
Crusader Kings II songs of the holy land dlc
Crusader Kings II: Mongols DLC Pack DLC
Crusader Kings II: Songs of Faith DLC
Crusader Kings II: Songs of Albion DLC
Crusader Kings II: Ruler Designer DLC
Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields DLC Pack
Indie Game: The Movie x2
Shank 2 x2
Snapshot x2
Cave Story+ x2
The Basement Collection
War of the Roses: House of York Armor Set DLC

Livalink x2
Major Mayhem x2
Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead

TheGreenFairy (+110/-0) (2 years ago)

Avernum Trilogy (4-5-6) for Vietnam?


mp3police (+155/-0)

(2 years ago)

aElder (+184/-1) (2 years ago)

I'm interested in TWEE, are you interested on any of these?

JamyZPunchThis (+124/-0) (2 years ago)

Serious Sam FE for THQ with sr3, add me :D

TuneTu (+34/-0) (2 years ago)

Commandos 2 for Two Worlds?

JackTheWhite (+324/-0) (2 years ago)

One of these keys for TW EE?

Zeno Clash
Avadon the Black Fortress
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Insecticide Ep. 1
King's Bounty the Legend
Lead & Gold
Men of War
Reign: Confict of Nations
Rig n' Roll
Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP
Swords & Soldiers HD
Theater of War 2: Africa 1943
Velvet Assassin
Zen Bound 2

Maybe you interested Giant Hotel 2?

SashOK1993ukr (+391/-0)

(1 year ago)

service4nopurpose (+8/-0) (2 years ago)

If it is $1 Humble THQ Bundle with unclaimed URL wtth steam keys I can give you Avadon (tradable steam gift

ZackVee (+1/-0) (2 years ago)

Serious Sam HD The First Enounter for two worlds?

mp3police (+155/-0) (2 years ago)

to all i have most indie bundle games

csdx (+167/-0) (2 years ago)

Hi would you consider, two worlds for cthulhu saves the world / breath of death double pack (tradeable)?

Arukardo (+224/-0) (2 years ago)

Any of these for Two Worlds: Ravaged (key), Rome: Total War, Shoot Many Robots (key), Starvoid?

is ravaged full version?

mp3police (+155/-0)

(2 years ago)


Arukardo (+224/-0)

(2 years ago)

Peroxide (+162/-0) (2 years ago)

Interested in anything here for Two Worlds?

yeh what would u give for it ?

mp3police (+155/-0)

(2 years ago)

Wartinald (+59/-0) (2 years ago)

Titan Quest for Two Worlds?

xusnorris (+229/-0) (2 years ago)

waking mars for two worlds?

BloodyRo (+313/-0) (2 years ago)

Interested in something from my thread for Two Worlds?

kuffer (+27/-0) (1 year ago)

I have Dead Space 2 Origin Key if you are interested, add me.

Kombajn93 (+118/-0) (1 year ago)

Something for CKII+DLC/Victoria II: A House Divided DLC/Hearts of Iron III Collection/ DoW Franchise Collection. Here's my Inventory.

Carlyle (+35/-0) (1 year ago)

viking battle for asgard for warlock?

yeah sounds alright

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

shmmrname (+42/-0) (1 year ago)

Test Drive Unlimited 2 for Mass Effect 2 + Awesomenauts

lol no

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

How much for the Metro code? And where do I find Tlosure keys?

shmmrname (+42/-0)

(1 year ago)

what do you mean ?

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

Yagamifyed (+6/-0) (1 year ago)

Humble Indie Bundle #2?

for what mate ?

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

multinickLP (+17/-2) (1 year ago)

My Deponia for your magicka?

i have deponia if you have anything i dont have ill accept

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

Tortyfoo (+48/-0) (1 year ago)

Basement Collection for Men of War Assault Squad.

ok add me

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago*)

Thanks for trade.

Tortyfoo (+48/-0)

(1 year ago)

Bigshrimp (+546/-1) (1 year ago)

I am interested in your Hearts of Iron III collection, Victoria II: A House Divided DLC, and Dungeon Siege III. Take a look at my thread and let me know if you want anything of mine for any of yours. Thanks.


SashOK1993ukr (+391/-0) (1 year ago)

Hotel Giant 2 for Starvoid?

i got it anything i dont have ill trade

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

anilkaos (+99/-0) (1 year ago)

men of war and edna for mass effect 2?

Cyberis (+63/-0) (1 year ago)

Dungeons: The Dark Lord for Death rally?

Sadwick (+98/-1) (1 year ago)

Brazen from HIB for Victoria II: A House Divided DLC

JayJaytheAnt (+125/-0) (1 year ago)

Gundemonium collection for mass effect 2?

no thanks just lookin at the store page hurt my eyes

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)


JayJaytheAnt (+125/-0)

(1 year ago)

bobgunnison (+54/-0) (1 year ago)

Any of these Dungeon: The Dark Lord, Men of War - Assault Squad, Two Worlds, Planets Under Attack for Binding, closure, shank basement mass effect?

i got them all sorry

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

that's cool

bobgunnison (+54/-0)

(1 year ago)

kpaxxx (+1157/-0) (1 year ago)

Eets or Puzzle Agent key for Death Rally or Starvoid.

Mondocoffee (+55/-0) (1 year ago)

Air buccaneers, Dungeons: Dark Lord, Party of Sin .... any look good?

I also have some Desura Keys for Mighty Mayhem and Cat Lady if you are interested

I can toss in Showdown Effect Beta Key

orotti (+11/-0) (1 year ago)

Crusader Kings II Songs of the holy land dlc Crusader Kings II: Mongols DLC Pack DLC Crusader Kings II: Songs of Albion DLC Crusader Kings II: Songs of Faith DLC Crusader Kings II: Ruler Designer DLC Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields DLC Pack

For Demigod key

GreyLlama (+20/-0) (1 year ago)

Sleeping Dogs + Saint's Row 3 for Bioshock 1 & 2?

good offer mate ill have a look into it ill add you to steam if so

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

Saint's Row 3 for Bioshock?

geckolv (+22/-2)

(1 year ago)

LoveSlave (+316/-0) (1 year ago)

a key or two from colossus bundle for bioshock 2?

i got all the bundle if i didnt id say yes

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

Foxiz (+85/-0) (1 year ago)

King arthur 1 and 2 collection for borderlands?

pandawok56 (+50/-1) (1 year ago)

Would you do Zeno Clash for Crusader Kings II?

dav3yb (+42/-0) (1 year ago)

would you want anything here for snapshot?

yeah mate added to talk

mp3police (+155/-0)

(1 year ago)

werewolf93 (+3/-0) (1 year ago)

ill trade air bucs, darwinia, multiwinia, defcon, uplink, hearts of iron 3, galactic civ 1, and king arthur collection, and a desura key for fibrillation. all for just bioshock 2

aramis07 (+8/-0) (1 year ago)

dota 2 for two worlds?

Sirrr (+6/-0) (1 year ago)


Anything you like?

Crazher (+105/-0) (1 year ago)

Full Indie Gala Colossus for Bioshock 2 Details for the bundle can be found here

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