==================================== HAVE ====================================

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Key (FOR XBOX 360)

---(Not the main game, but includes the Online Pass, Multiplayer Headstart Kit, and a Premium Membership (All DLCs w/ early access))

Just Cause 2 Rico's Signature Gun DLC (TRADABLE)

Borderlands 2: Campaign of Carnage DLC


The Basement Collection (x2)

Cave Story +


Darksiders 2 DLC - Van Der Schmash

Joe Danger 2 (Xbox 360)

Metro 2033

Hunter: The Demon's Forge

Rogue Warrior

Beat Hazard Ultra


Swords & Sworcery



Crayon Physics Deluxe

==================================== WANT ====================================

Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon

Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall

Trials Evolution Gold

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Test Drive Unlimited 2





Thomas Was Alone

Poker Night 2

DLC Quest

Offers :D

Mondocoffee (+55/-0) (1 year ago)

Steam Keys

Eschalon Book II

iBomber Pacific

Party of Sin

Adventures of Shuggy

Dungeons: Dark Lord,

also..... Desura Keys

Cat Lady


Major Mayhem

Anything look good?

No, sorry. :/

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

GerardinHo (+18/-0) (1 year ago)

Still have BL2? I can offer a Deus Ex Collection tradable gift.

ZL0vr3D (+26/-0) (1 year ago)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for Borderlands 2?

Zorder (+184/-0) (1 year ago)

How much (Paypal) are you looking for Bioshock 1 and 2 (Individually)?

I honestly don't know... I'm used to trading equally priced games, but not selling them. What prices are we going by? Current price, minimum sale price, below or above either of those? :/

The lowest that set has ever been was ~$5, if I'm not mistaken.

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

I'm sorry but I already made that deal but thanks for your time anyways. Free bump

Zorder (+184/-0)

(1 year ago)

deathbringer10394 (+6/-1) (1 year ago)

interested in bioshock 2

soullessj (+76/-0) (1 year ago)

anything here for bioschock 1/2

karo710 (+20/-0) (1 year ago)

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II + Company of heroes valor of tales + voucher Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition - 90% OFF for Chivalry

Bell64 (+4/-0) (1 year ago*)

Interested in Magicka (as a Steam Gift) for the 3 Darksiders II DLC's ?

lead3r (+5/-0) (1 year ago)

My "Serious Sam 3: BFE" for your "Bioshock 1&2" ?

IlJasper (+1/-0) (1 year ago)

5$ Paypal for Bioshock 2?

Sure. Add me on steam. :3

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

gotons (+9/-0) (1 year ago)

$5 SW for BL2 DLC?

Good Trade, thanks! +rep

gotons (+9/-0)

(1 year ago)

krocker (+18/-0) (1 year ago)

4 TF2 keys for Bioshock 1-2 bundle?

Do you have anything else? I have absolutely no use for TF2 keys...

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

added ;)

krocker (+18/-0)

(1 year ago)

swajner (+25/-0) (1 year ago*)

Thirty Flights of Loving for Bioshock? I can also add something else. :)

demasterCZ (+6/-0) (1 year ago)

3x dota 2 for borderlands 2

Pinaco24 (+154/-1) (1 year ago)

Far cry 3 lost expedtions ( Uplay )or Darksiders 2 ( key ) for Bioshock 1 + Bioshock 2 ?

Do you have anything else? I don't want games on UPlay, and I already have Darksiders 2, with all DLC... :/

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

potapcheg (+12/-0) (1 year ago)

hello, i added you to talk abut bl2 dlc

Farhad (+53/-0) (1 year ago)

Serious Sam 2 for forge?

No thanks. Do you have anything else?

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

Sithis23093 (+19/-0) (1 year ago)

How much for binding of issac And the DLC on PP?

Maybe $1.50? That's .48 cheaper than the lowest price its ever been on steam.

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

Added you on steam

Sithis23093 (+19/-0)

(1 year ago)

junior8805 (+85/-0) (1 year ago)

What would you like for abysal forge, just cause dlc or rusanovs axe?

Well, from that List I have almost all of them, but I don't have and have some interest in:

Jet Set Radio, Frozen Synapse, and Lume (Probably in that order in terms of preference)

Your choice. :/

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago)

Lume for 1 of the 3?

junior8805 (+85/-0)

(1 year ago)

Sure, either the gun or the axe. Add Me.

MangoTangoFox (+66/-1)

(1 year ago*)

osakosapl2012 (+61/-0) (1 year ago)

yo man its kosa :D

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